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( Review of Dead Space: Aftermath

Dr Chris from reviews the Dead Space: Aftermath animated feature based on the Dead Space series of video games. When a new group of explorers returns to Aegis 7 to retrieve remnants of the Marker, they begin to understand the tragic events that led to the fall of the USG Ishimura and the Necromorph infestation associated with the marker.

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Soldierone3726d ago

Personally I think the first Dead Space animated film was much better than this one. It not only had better animation, but the better story and script aspects were better too.

i was so excited to get this film, and was let down so much after i watched it.

Arcee3726d ago

I personally agree with you. I thought that the animation was more than sub-par for this release. But our reviewer certainly liked it, so I will respect his decision and score.

Sunny_D3726d ago

To tell you the truth, I didn't like the films. They seemed like a rushed product to go along with the game.

Soldierone3726d ago

They were used as marketing tools, but at least the first one was decent. It had a good story and good character development. This one was simply just a marketing tool and nothing more.

Arcee3725d ago

In response to Soldierone's comment: My sentiments exactly. I felt it to be a little shallow compared to the first film. No emotion and simply made just to promote the game with minimal effort.