The 83rd Annual Academy Award Winners

For the last few weeks the internet has been booming with Oscar related posts and finally the event has come. Check out the full list of winners on TwittFlick

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Soldierone3732d ago

Did Tangled win best original song? I hope so.

martynmj3732d ago

That's up now, will let you know a minute :D

-MD-3732d ago

That award hasn't been announced yet. It's one of the remaining few so you probably won't have to wait long to find out.

Tommykrem3731d ago

127 hours was never nominated for best original song. It was nominated for best original score, and that price was taken by Social Network, even though Inception was the favourite.

I don't like that the King's Speech won best director. To be honest I thought it was a bit weird that Nolan North wasn't nominated for Inception instead of King's Speech's Tom Hooper or David O. Russell from the Fighter. David Fincher should have won in my opinion for the Social Network.

JL3731d ago

Couple of things wrong there. Yes 127 Hours was nominated for Best Score, but it was indeed also nominated for Best Song with the song "If I Rise".

Secondly, it's Christopher Nolan. Not Nolan North (he's the guy that voices Nathan Drake in Uncharted, amongst other video game voices).

As for The King's Speech winning best director, that pretty much the standard: whoever wins best picture gets best director too. I don't think the movie was really worthy of either though.

martynmj3732d ago

Original Song went to Toy Story 3 'We Belong Together'

-MD-3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Damn I thought for sure 127 Hours was going to take that. How disappointing.

Soldierone3732d ago

Was lame as heck. The song wasn't even that good lol. Tangled was so much better, its such a more memorable song.

martynmj3732d ago

I'm ashamed to say that i haven't seen 3 of the 4 nominated films so i wouldn't know but i can't say the song from Toy Story was any thing special

-MD-3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

All of Toy Story's music is the same. It doesn't really deserve any of the attention it gets. 127 Hour's music gave me chills it was so good.

Sunny_D3732d ago

I think Toy Story 3 getting the award was well deserved. Although, I thought 127 hours had a better song.

JL3731d ago

I actually thought "We Belong Together" was a nice feel good song. At the end of the day I think I might have preferred "If I Rise" winning, but still ok with Toy Story 3 getting it. I didn't care for the Tangled song so much.

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Sunny_D3732d ago

To tell you the truth, Tangled song was forgettable.

Soldierone3732d ago

compared to Toy Story? The first Toy Story id give best song anyday, but Toy Story 3? i didnt even reconize the song.

The timing in tangled and everything was perfect. It should of won.

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Sunny_D3732d ago

I was really happy when Natalie Portman won. Man, her tummy is big. Little fella will pop out and have a beautiful momma.

Crazay3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

All in all I would say the awards show was alright. I'm not particularly interested in seeing The Kings Speech but there are a few winners I knew very little about that I'll likely check out. I still stand by my assessment of Anne Hathaway - She SUCKED!

JL3731d ago

I never even watched it. I got home late so set up a recording instead. Of course as soon as I got home I couldn't get on here without seeing results. So, once I found out the results, there wasn't much use in watching that long ceremony I thought.

I wasn't happy about The King's Speech winning though. I really don't think it deserved those Best Picture and Best Directing categories.

Crazay3731d ago

You actually saw it JL?I can't even bring myself to watching it.

JL3731d ago

Saw The King's Speech? Of course. I watched every one of the Best Picture nominees (as well as pretty much all other movies that received a nomination).

It wasn't as boring as I thought it would be going in. It even has some funny moments (like the whole cussing scene). But it wasn't exciting by any means either. Some pretty good acting as well. Unless you're one that likes period-pieces like this though, or don't mind sitting through somewhat boring movies just to appreciate the good acting (which I don't mind doing), then I wouldn't entirely recommend it.

Crazay3731d ago

Funny how it always seems that those movies tend to do so well eh? I'll pass on that one.

Soldierone3731d ago

@Crazay they do well because they are bait hooks for the acadamy. It seems its all about "good film making" and not what people want to see. Which is why i dont understand why they market the Oscars as a public appeal thing.

I can understand agencies or groups doing awards like that, it makes sense. But something like this? It doesnt work. A majority of people wont be interested in The Kings Speech, thus wont be interested in whoever wins next year and so on. Maybe in Britain or something, but in America its obvious the award should of went elsewhere.

Its good film making, yes, but so was Black Swan and The Social Network. and why does amazing screenwriting not make an effort with Inception? You can have a good film without a good script.