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Teaser for Warren Ellis’ X-Men Anime Series

AICN Says:

G4 is getting four original half-hour series of 12 episodes each (48 half-hours in all), all overseen by funnybook titan Warren Ellis (“The Authority,” “Planetary,” “Global Frequency,” “Ministry of Space,” “Red,” “Astonishing X-Men”).

The teaser for the X-Men series came out this weekend:

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Sunny_D3720d ago

That was awesome. It has the awesome fight scenes that anime tend to have and it has nice design scheme. I might have to watch this subbed.

Crazay3720d ago

I don't like watching Subbed shows but I'll def. have to check this sucker out.

Soldierone3720d ago

Yeah i cant stand subs either, i find myself reading more than watching.

-MD-3720d ago

I use subs often personally. My brother complains when I do because he says it distracts him.

Sunny_D3720d ago

I use subs for animes that haven't even come out in America yet. Like Naruto Shippuden. I know, I know, I'm a narutard. -_-

Soldierone3720d ago

I absolutely cannot stand these anime adaptations marvel is doing....

tunaks13720d ago

it looks miles ahead of the new one on cartoon network.

Crazay3720d ago

I like the look of it dude.

Sunny_D3720d ago

I think it's pretty cool. It's different from the Disney adaptations that they are doing, if you ask me.

Soldierone3720d ago

I prefer classic animation that DC does over anime any day of the week.

Crazay3720d ago

Don't get me wrong - I think the DC way is fantastic. They've done some really good animated movies but I do like the Anime style. I was a HUGE anime fan and even used to have a crapload of movies and OAVs. I'll be watching this when it hits for sure.

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Sunny_D3720d ago

It was especially with the fast moving background when the they perform their moves. Just like Anime!