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The Oscars 2011: A Few Simple Snubs - Pixelated Sausage

Opinions differ from person to person and so, Pixelated Sausage delivers their three Oscar snubs for 2011.

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-MD-3726d ago

"I know everyone is deep up Toy Story 3's anus like they 're giving it a colonoscopy"

Truer words have never been spoken. I'd like to tell the author of this that Tangled isn't the only better animated film this year. How to Train Your Dragon was also superior to Toy Story 3 in many ways.

I think the wrong film won the oscar but eh I'm just some guy with an opinion.

Soldierone3726d ago

No, finally im not the only one that saw Tangled was by far the better film here. HTTYD was even better and it was even nominated. Toy Story 3 was good for the fans, but as a film its probably one of the bidder ends of Pixar to be honest. Putting it this way, if all of Pixar films were like Toy Story 3 i wouldnt be as big of a Pixar fan as i am today.

I hate that people are getting mad at me or "bragging about Toy Story 3" winning and getting on me for it beating Tangled in the music category and so on. It wasn't the best animated film thats all there is to it. The acadamy already made it clear they couldnt care less about animated films anyways, Tangled wasn't even nominated.

-MD-3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Oh wow you're right. I thought Tangled did have a nomination for best animated film but I guess not. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't really complain or anything but the previews alone made me laugh more than Toy Story 3.

It's a shame for the fans and for a category with only 3 nominees you'd think they would have thrown that one in there.

Soldierone3726d ago

Exactly. ONLY 3 nominees and not only that the Acadamy was also looking for another animated film to nominate to "improve" their animation genres. Yet Tangled was completely ignored. Decpicable Me was ignored, and so on.

Then the category was like a "yeah whatever here is the winner" category.

Tangled was only nominated for best original song. And that proves it was eligable to be nominated for best animated movie.

Sunny_D3726d ago

I'll agree that Toy story 3 didn't end as great as the 1st 2 movies did, but I guess the reason why I loved it was because it was soo nostalgic, that I was hoping I can relive the memories if it won.

PXSausage3726d ago

Most definitely. How to Train Your Dragon was definitely a better film and I enjoyed the Illusionist more as well. But, 'Best Animated Feature' has really become 'Pixar Movie Released This Year.' It's rather disappointing and never surprising.

-MD-3726d ago

"'Best Animated Feature' has really become 'Pixar Movie Released This Year.'"

So true. I heard someone mention during the oscars that Pixar had won the last 4 years in a row? Give me a break It's like they're under contract to win.

Now I'm a big Pixar fan but let's be honest here. Toy Story 3 was nothing new and on the flip-side How to Train Your Dragon genuinely impressed me. This was the first Academy Awards show I ever followed closely and I've had a love/hate relationship with it so far.

Here's to hoping another rehashed Pixar sequel doesn't take honors next year.

PXSausage3726d ago

Exactly. I too am a huge Pixar fan, but Toy Story 3 just didn't work for me on the same level as How to Train Your Dragon or Tangled.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Pixar's 2011 film will be Cars 2 and the original Cars is the only Pixar movie I genuinely dislike. Cars is the last Pixar movie that did not win while nominated and if Cars 2 is of a similar quality and manages to win... I would highly suggest the Academy simply remove the category/award.

Soldierone3726d ago

Dreamworks has Kung Fo Panda 2 coming out this year so that might win since it was a huge contender with the first one. Cars i believe is the only Pixar film to not win? and maybe Up, im not sure.

Sony also has several films releasing this year. So the acadamy has all the more reason to expand the animation portion of the awards.

Sunny_D3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I keep hearing How to Train your Dragon is sooo great, yet I never heard of it. I guess I am going to have to put it on my netflix, so I can see why everyone is enjoying it soo much.

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PXSausage3726d ago

I wouldn't say Kung Fu Panda was a serious contender its year -- it was up against Wall-E and that is a Pixar film that very much deserved its win, even though the second half went a bit off rails.

Pixar has had 8 nominations since the category was created and 6 victories. One loss was Cars, and the other loss was Monsters, Inc., which lost in '01 to Shrek.

I don't want to come across as a Pixar hater -- I actually really enjoy a lot of their films -- but they are put on a ridiculous pedestal when it comes to animated film. I am also seriously worried about their future -- not financially or profitability -- because they have Cars 2 and as far as I know, Monster Inc. 2 is following that film. I just hope they don't turn into some sequel machine.