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Mark Ruffalo Dishes Details On His Motion-Capture Hulk

Actor Mark Ruffalo makes some interesting comments on his upcoming role as The Hulk in The Avengers.

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-MD-3731d ago

I can't imagine this guy being Hulk.

Crazay3731d ago

I'm sure he'll make for a fine Bruce Banner and ultimately do a fine job in his mo-cap duties.

-MD-3731d ago

I hope he can live up to Ed nortans take on the character

Sunny_D3731d ago

Yeah, I agree. The hulk has been getting negative adaptations for a while. This won't be any different.

Soldierone3731d ago

Norton made Hulk watchable...then marvel ruins it.

-MD-3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Yeah what a shame it was for them to let Norton go eh? His movie was the first Hulk (anything) I ever actually enjoyed. I much prefer him as an actor to Ruffalo for basically any role.

How stupid though. I'm still pissed about that.

Crazay3730d ago

Norton is a damn fine actor but Mark Ruffalo is no slouch either. I have full confidence in his abilities to take on the role of Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk. The only thing that could cause some issue is his green screen acting abilities. That can't be an easy task by any stretch and I'm not so sure that he's had very much opportunity to do any acting of that sort.

Soldierone3730d ago

Im not saying he will be terrible, but you have to admit Norton did everything we wanted Hulk to be. He was entertatining and belivable.

Why would you get rid of him? Especially the fan following he has, putting him in the Avengers would of been millions of dollars right off the bat.

Crazay3730d ago

NoNo - You're right. He was good in the role. I didn't rush out and buy it the day it came out because it was a sub-par movie. Edward Norton is an incredible actor and I would have liked to see him reprise his role. There was clearly some animosity in the back end somewhere based on some of the reports that came out during the filming of the movie otherwise he'd probably be back.

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Soldierone3731d ago

This is indeed pretty neat haha, at least it wont be abandoned because Marvel doesnt want to pay for it.

Sunny_D3731d ago

Yeah, I think this and The Avengers movie will be awesome. Can't wait.

Crazay3730d ago

I'm a big Joss Whedon fan - Always have been but there's just something about this movie that seems like it's just far too big. Too many characters coming together on one screen is just going to be too much.

Sunny_D3730d ago

Maybe, maybe not. The avengers movies whole point is for all the characters to come on screen. They have planned this out for all of them to get their fair share of screen time. It's not going to be thrown in like Spider man 3 had them.

Soldierone3730d ago

Still thats a lot of character development in such a short time period.

Im also not sure that Marvel is doing it correctly either. They are making it a film, not a "wow all of them in one?!"

Justice League was first, and the reason DC did Justice League is because they needed to spark excitment in comics. Bring them all together and market it as "get 7 for the price of 1!" and it worked. Then Avengers came.

WB/DC is making their films separate from Justice League they are making them stand on their own without needing each other, not cross overs nothing. This makes a Justice League movie all the more exciting. It really feels like 7 films in one, if it were to happen.

Meanwhile Avengers is like yay another marvel movie....(no im not saying its horrible) im just saying it could of been marketed and done better than it was.

tunaks13730d ago

lol, its seems like theres a new hulk every year now.

Sunny_D3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Not really. The 1st one came out in 2003. The second one came out in 2008...

tunaks13730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

not as annual as i though but still, how many reboots can a series have without it becoming stale.