AICN - Review: The Wolf Sack Reports from a La Mesa, CA Test Screening of The Hangover Part 2

AICN says:


Hey folks, Harry here... still recouping, but man...I'd have loved to have been in La Mesa, CA for this Test Screening of THE HANGOVER Part 2. I was incredibly late on covering the first film. Seemed that everyone in the world saw it before me. Life conspired against me, and when I finally saw it - two weeks after release in Las Vegas with Yoko... I suddenly got why everyone fell in love. The original film was the shit. Now - I have to admit, when I got the following report from the film, I was terrified of massive spoilers...finding out about every cameo...a ton of gags ruined, but luckily this scoopster, decided to be considerate about how he'd write about the film. Making sure that we would be teased, but not spoiled. That tends to be my favorite type of early preview reviews.

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Crazay3530d ago

Sounds like anyone who was a huge fan of the original will like this one.

-MD-3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I don't want to spoil it by reading the article but I did read the last paragraph through the corner of one eye and it sounds like we might get a pt 3. Here's to hoping!

bolland1233529d ago

Sounds like a studio plant review/hype.