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Entertainment Focus Review: 8.5 Hours

Four co-workers – Rachel (Lynette Callaghan), Eoin (Victor Burke), Tony (Jonathan Byrne) and Frank (Art Kearns) – return to work on Monday morning with secrets to hide and a long day ahead. Each has a goal in mind by the end of the day and blackmail, deception and home truths start to tip all four over the edge. Rachel will stop at nothing to get the apartment she wants, Eoin is keeping a big secret for his bride-to-be, Tony has to face up to his past indiscretions and Frank is trying to get over the betrayal of his best-friend. Can the four of them keep it together or will this be the longest day of their lives?

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Sunny_D3525d ago

8.5 Hours is an Irish movie that surprises by being a breath of fresh air.

So, it means a lot of cursing?