Promo for Cartoon Network's Thundercats


Cartoon Network has aired the first promo for Warner Bros. Animation's "Thundercats" which you can watch using the player below the description:

Roaring to life through WBA and Studio4°C’s use of the Japanese animated artistry of anime, “ThunderCats” characters Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Cheetara and others will spring off the screen with realistic cat-like characteristics inconceivable in previous incarnations.

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Soldierone2977d ago

Impressed with two things here.
-Finally an anime style i can stand. It didnt look like crap like the Batman ones, so at least ill be able to watch it.

-MD-2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Emailed this to my brother. He was a big TC freak back in the day so he will be pleased.

Soldierone2977d ago

I grew up with this show! Was the greatest thing ever!

Sunny_D2977d ago

It was! I used to love this along with Johnny Quest, He man, Transformers, DBZ, and almost anything on Toonami as as kid. But, they have to get rid of it. Why????

Soldierone2977d ago

Toonami is back on the CW btw. They call it something else, but its hosted by a cartoon character and everything. Has the same shows too.

-MD-2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Toonami was the cartoon block with Tom the robot right? Played Dragonball Z and stuff way back then?

Edit: Yeah it was. Can't believe I remembered that.

Edit 2: And now I see Sunny already answered that lol I started reading the posts from the bottom up xD

Soldierone2976d ago

Here is a link to Toonzai if you are interested. Its basically Toonami but stripped down a lot, however still has the similar apporoach.

Sunny_D2976d ago

I'll have to check it out, but the feeling won't be the same anymore. I mean Tom was part of what made Toonami soo awesome to watch. Without him, it seems like they are just throwing out the cartoons for us.

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