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"Winners" of the 31st Annual Razzie Awards Announced


As is tradition, The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation handed out its "best of the worst" Razzie Awards on Saturday, the night before the Oscars. You can read the press release followed by the "winners" below.

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-MD-3720d ago

Kutcher deserves his award for Killers. What a bad movie.

Soldierone3720d ago

Avatar and M night deserves every single "award"

-MD-3720d ago

Well nearly every award. I knew Sex and the City 2 would blow the minute I heard a sequel was being greenlit.

Also I didn't catch this before but Jessica Alba got worst supporting actress? A bit harsh don't you think?

Soldierone3720d ago

Not really she hasn't been too great as of late. Maybe this will jump start her into doing something a bit better.

i personally dont think they are to blame Kutcher for the killers though. It was the writers and other people in that movie that made it terrible, not him.

-MD-3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I blame absolutely everybody involved with that movie for how terrible it truly is not just Ashton. I don't think I even cracked a smile throughout the whole film.

Sunny_D3719d ago

I agree. Man, how could they ruin such an awesome anime show? I loved Avatar, the Last Airbender. But, I hate Night and this movie, lol.

tunaks13719d ago

poor avatar the last airbender, it was a good show. Its sad to see its name attached to that horrible film.

Sunny_D3719d ago

So true, so true man. I was just saying that, lol. But, they have sequel for the movies coming out, OH GOD.

Soldierone3719d ago

Its by a differnt director, but its still going to suck because they changed the entire story.

Sunny_D3719d ago

I didn't know that, because I didn't want to watch the horror. Tell me, was it as bad as DragonBall Evolution?

Sunny_D3719d ago

Lol, I'll be honest. I thought that the awards were for good movies, and was wondering why The Last Airbender was getting an award?