Groundbreaking Cinema: 15 Films from 2010 That Challenged & Advanced the Medium


For an awards show that purports to honor outstanding achievements in film, the Academy Awards seem oddly drawn to the familiar. The movies with the most nominations at this year’s Oscar race, for example, are The King’s Speech and True Grit — two films with a great deal of critical acclaim backing them, but ones that are decidely lacking in any grand ambition beyond presenting a traditional, accessible story. The Oscars, it would appear, favor the classically good to the unconventionally good, leaving the latter out to be forgotten in a sea of mediocrity and predictability. This isn’t a shocking revelation; the Academy Awards have always favored films that adhere to a certain standard of genre filmmaking. A heart-rending, war-based drama about one man’s uplifting struggle against adversity will always win out over the truly innovative, progressive, subversive films of our times.

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-MD-3533d ago

Kick-Ass had a pretty big impact (be it good or bad) but it did make waves because of hit-girl as you could see from all the crying going on around that time. Favorite film of 2010 hands down.

Soldierone3533d ago

Just rented it again on Blu ray for the hell of it haha. Loved it in theaters.

-MD-3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I was enjoying myself A LOT when I saw it in theaters. Then proceeded to download it and watch it another 6 times in the comfort of my home.

I plan on watching it an 8th time pretty soon here. It has been a couple months since I've seen it. Enjoy it though.

Sunny_D3532d ago

Wow, you guys trying to watch it that many times, tells me it's a really good movie, lol. I might have to catch it later though, because of time and other movies that I need to watch before this one.

Soldierone3532d ago

Not sure what id put infront of this one lol. Defo none of the new movies are better than it.

Sunny_D3533d ago

Inception's sense of scale was mind blowing, but not only that but the amazing special effects it employed