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Top 10 Most Shocking Oscar Moments Ever


Sure, we're curious to see who takes home Hollywood's biggest awards tomorrow night, but let's be honest: We can't wait to see what shocking things might go down at the Academy Awards.

Whether it's Adrien Brody scoring with Halle Berry, or Cher baring way too much, or some kids named Matt and Ben taking home the gold—these are the things that make the night truly memorable.

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Sunny_D3528d ago

Most of these shocking moments are overrated.

-MD-3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

The list seems pretty mean-spirited lol but yeah nothing too shocking here. Wonder how Matt Stone and Trey Parker's dress appearance didn't make the list.

Sunny_D3527d ago

Probably because they seemed to do it intentionally. They don't seem that well known and because it was planned, isn't really shocking to say the least.