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Cinema Showdown: February 25-27

TMP takes a look at the films coming out this weekend in order to stack them up and see what potential they have for taking the number one spot at the box office.

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darklordzor3445d ago

Drive Angry....

I'm sure the comedy will take the top spot between the two, but I really want to see Drive Angry. It looks goofy and cheesy, but sometimes those are the best roles for Nic Cage.

-MD-3445d ago

It's not something that I would drop 15 bucks on though. This is a rental movie.

Sunny_D3445d ago

Damn, 2 Nick Cage movies? We really mus be in movie slump!

Soldierone3445d ago

You dont like him? He is one of my favorite actors because of some of the movies he has done.

Sunny_D3445d ago

Yeah, I liked some of his movies. But, recently he hasn't been doing anything groundbreaking.

Soldierone3445d ago

The Sorcerors Apprentice was friggin awesome, i loved it.

-MD-3445d ago

One of my brothers told me to stay very far away from The Sorcerors Apprentice.

Soldierone3444d ago

Why it was a friggin cool movie, family oriented and had a lot of Disney origins in it. Some of it was cheesy and weird, but what can you do its Disney.

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Sunny_D3443d ago

I liked his recent movie that I watched which I think was Knowing. He did a pretty good job. I think he should have played in the Da Vinci code.