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Baby Bump Luck, 6 Degrees of Tom Cruise and Oscar Curses

Leading up to the big Oscar night, TMP takes a look at some of the biggest Oscar myths around, in order to see if there really is any merit to them.

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Sunny_D3526d ago

That is funny about getting an Oscar after dating Cruise. Maybe I should date him? :P

darklordzor3525d ago

Still don't think it would be worth it.....Just saying. Thats a whole lot of crazy to put up with for an Oscar.

Sunny_D3525d ago

rofl. What happened to him? He was cool until he joined scienctology.

-MD-3525d ago

I'd date him if he was into men. I'd date anyone rich.

Soldierone3525d ago

Thats just sad :P lmao, i bet some old hairy guy is looking for your address now lmao

-MD-3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I was only joking =) but if someone offered me unlimited amounts of money in return for access to my glorious body I would find it hard to refuse such an offer.

And I mean that in the straightest way possible ;)

darklordzor3525d ago

Interesting myths, I honestly never give the Oscars this much thought, but some of these are pretty weird and coincidental.