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Know Your Oscar Films: The Fighter

TMP is breaking down the biggest films of the year in preparation for the Oscars. Continuing the lead up, TMP drops the skinny on all things from David O. Russell's The Fighter.

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-MD-3534d ago

How does Bale get so thin? He isn't 'The Machinist' thin but he's freakin' thin! Then he plumps up to a normal weight only to drop it again for a future project.

How does he do it?!

Sunny_D3533d ago

I KNOW! This man has a really good nutritionist!. He really knows when to lose weight for a role or bulk and become Muscular for another role so fast.

Soldierone3532d ago

I wish I could work with whoever he has as a trainer lol. Ive been trying to get bigger for months with no luck.

Soldierone3533d ago

From everything Im reading and hearing, this movie is there purely because of Bale. So he will win the supporting actor award, but thats about all this movie will get.

Sunny_D3533d ago

Wahlberg's Daughter: My daddy was in The Lovely Bones!
Bale's Daughter: My daddy's the God Damn Batman.
Wahlberg's Daughter: F**k you.

LOl, well I would have been the same too if my friend's dads was the God damn Batman.

-MD-3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I wish my dad was Batman. Oh the things I would do.

Sunny_D3533d ago

I would scare the crap out of all the Bullies in their beds.

Soldierone3533d ago

I wonder if Bale gets to keep the costume lol, or if they auctioned it off.

-MD-3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I'm sure they kept it since they're making a third. He might get it after the trilogy ends.

@Soldier - That's bogus if they did that to him.

Soldierone3533d ago

I know Tobey didnt get to keep the Spiderman outfit. He was talking about it in an interview one time about how he wanted to, but they didnt allow him to.

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