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Know Your Oscar Films: Inception

TMP is still counting down the biggest films at the Oscars this year and breaking down the nominees at the Academy Awards. Inception is up next.

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-MD-3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"-James Franco was in talks to play Arthur in the film, but dropped out. Then Cillian Murphy dropped in and took his place. Danny Boyle then brought in James Franco to take the place of Cillian Murphy in 127 Hours. Actor Swap!"

I can't decide who got the better end of the deal. While Franco is up for Oscars and in turn is being offered high profile projects Cillian Murphy's performance was witnessed by millions of people but because he wasn't really in the movie a ton his efforts will probably go unnoticed. Franco probably got the better deal as his career seems to have boosted and Cillian's hasn't.

darklordzor3732d ago

I think in the end they both got the best deal. What they did worked best for both of them, and in the end we got two fantastic movies...All in all I think everyone is a winner.

Soldierone3732d ago

If you ask me it was an even trade. 127 hours isn't very "markatable" but you tag in a name like James Franco that seems to be booming right now and you have something to market. No matter how well Cillian did in that role, he wouldn't have had the audience or power as James.

Meanwhile he stars in Inception and he become a peice of a massive puzzle. Guess who's name just got markatable and will be taking that 127 hours role next time.

Sunny_D3731d ago

Yeah, I think Franco has been making it big time since he started getting bigger roles and hosting the Oscars.

Soldierone3731d ago

He hasnt even been getting "big" roles lol.
He has just been doing amazingly well.

darklordzor3732d ago

I feel so bad that I just watched this for the first time, a few weeks ago. Seriously, I can't believe I missed this awesome experience in the theaters.

JL3732d ago

I didn't get to catch it in the theaters, but even still....only a few weeks ago? Shame on you :P I definitely picked it up day one on Blu-ray and was eager to get to it that night. It truly was an awesome movie.

darklordzor3731d ago

Well I wanted to pick it up on day one, but sometimes my budget just doesn't let me do that...two year olds will do that to you apparently. I ended up getting it from you guys in one of the contests.

The main reason I waited so long to watch it was because the first couple weeks I had it, I was sick. Then after that I was having to go into work several hours early (but still leave late). I kept telling myself that I wanted to watch it when I was 100%, because everyone on the internet (various sites) were saying how confusing it was. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything....

But it wasn't confusing at all! I really don't get why so many people couldn't follow it.

JL3731d ago

I don't get why people call it confusing either. I followed along perfectly well the first time. Is there a lot to take in? Yes. Do you probably catch little things the second time around that you missed the first time? Sure. That's pretty common amongst movies like that. Does any of that mean it was confusing the first time? Not at all for me. So I'm with you on that.

Soldierone3732d ago

Dont worry, I saw it twice for you :P haha. At first I didn't want to see this movie either, then my friend is like lets check it out. We go and our minds were blown.

Sunny_D3731d ago

Yeah me too. I saw it on Blu ray, and wasa thinking to myself, I should have saw this in theatres with my friends. But, I missed my chance. Oh well, but I still enjoyed it.

Sunny_D3731d ago

-Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas' only choice to play Cobb was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wow, and they picked the best only choice. Good job Nolan and Thomas.

Soldierone3731d ago

After Shutter Island I dont think you could even think about another choice. He was so breathtaking in both films it was amazing.

Sunny_D3731d ago

I have yet to see Shutter Island. I was just a out to watch that on Netflix Stream. Thanks for reminding me.

Sunny_D3731d ago

I also really hope this movie wins Best Picture, Best Score, Best screenplay and Best Art Direction. These 4 stood out to me when I saw it.

Soldierone3731d ago

it wont though, it might win two or three of those, but its not going to win best picture. Its not even in the books for any of the predictions at all.

VMAN_013731d ago

Kind of makes you sad that it is easily the most deserving of the best picture yet we all know it will go to Kings Speech or Social Network, the typical oscar bait movies.

-MD-3731d ago

I wouldn't exactly say it's "easily" the most deserving. There are two or three movies this year that I think are about all deserving of that award. The King's Speech is oscar bait though like you said so I won't be surprised if it sweeps the awards like it has been everywhere else.

Soldierone3731d ago

If it does my attention for the Oscars goes away entirely. I already kinda dont wanna watch it since they fall for the bait all the time, but this time there isnt an excuse. You have 3 films that are mind blowing, and you are gonna fall for the bait?

Its just sad they better not do it.

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