'Hall Pass' Weak #1, 'Unknown' Holds #2, 'Drive Angry 3D' Tanks At #9

Sources are giving me these Top 10 North American box office numbers for Friday. Analysis coming.

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-MD-4234d ago

Opening to #9 is horrible. Cage can't catch a break.

Soldierone4234d ago

Wow Drive Angry probably had the best marketing campeign of them all too....

Sunny_D4234d ago

Wow, that sucks for Drive Angry. But, I really want to see Unknown, just have to watch it with my friend when she gets back.

-MD-4234d ago

I really want to see Unknown too but I'm going to hold off. Next movie I see in theaters is (I hope) Sucker Punch.

Soldierone4233d ago

I cant hold off that long. I need to see Battle LA lol, it looks too awesome to pass up.

Soldierone4233d ago

Was going to see it today, but ended up missing it. Maybe tomorrow, but eventaually ill see it.

Soldierone4233d ago

I was just thinking, maybe this is the first sign of 3D slowing down. Only 3D movie here and it tanks bad. the other 3D movies are not even at the top, Unkown and Hall Pass both not in 3D. Justin Bieber also did better without 3D i believe.

-MD-4232d ago

Nah I don't think this tanking is a sign of 3D slowing down. I think it's a mix of nobody really caring about Cage anymore and it not looking all that good to begin with that made it fail.

There are some massive movies coming soon that will be in 3D so the studios still believe in it. I honestly wouldn't give a crap if 3D disappeared though.