Mortal Kombat Set Photo Featuring Scorpion

The Mortal Kombat web series is currently shooting in Vancouver and director Kevin Tancharoen tweeted a photo from the set, which confirms the return of Scorpion. Click on the photo below to access our gallery, and read on below the photo for more news on this series.

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-MD-3525d ago

While I'm pumped for some new Mortal Kombat I think trying to make it realistic was a bad decision. I wonder how they're going to make Sub-Zero look.

darklordzor3524d ago

Yay! Someone who feels the same as me!

Soldierone3523d ago

Well its more of an experiment, at least it isnt a hollywood film. So it should be interesting.

Sunny_D3525d ago

Is taht what Scorpion will use when He says GET OVER HERE!

-MD-3523d ago

Don't forget "COME HERE!" but yes indeed it is the weapon. It's called a kunai.

Sunny_D3524d ago

That reminds me, I hope they have the original movie song in here.

Moooooooortaaaal Kombaaaaaaat

Soldierone3524d ago

You might catch it as an easter egg within the episodes, but dont expect it to open up like that.

Sunny_D3524d ago

Yeah, I guess I was letting Nostalgia get to me.

Soldierone3524d ago

I dunno, im gonna give it a chance. Obviously the way out there style isn't working in their favor so they had to modernize it and see where that brings them. This could be cool.