Rotten Tomatoes' Oscar Picks

RT writes:
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday, and amid the frenzy of films and fashion everybody's got their opinion about who will be taking home that coveted little golden boy (no, we're not talking about Justin Bieber). Naturally, we at Rotten Tomatoes decided to add our voices to the noisy din. For seven hours, we locked ourselves in a climate-controlled, airtight bomb shelter, where we hammered out our picks in every category based upon Oscar precedent, current buzz, and a complex algebraic formula involving runes and ostrich feet. But hey, nobody's perfect -- what do you think of our choices? Who do you think will win big on Oscar night?

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Sunny_D3531d ago

I agree with their pick for best actress. But, the best actor should go to Javier Bardem or James France.

-MD-3531d ago

James France is the worlds greatest unborn actor.

Sunny_D3531d ago

Oh wow, lol I meant Franco.

Soldierone3531d ago

Yeah you posted that a few times in other comments too, i was like who the hell is this guy.

-MD-3531d ago

I checked his wiki page for his birth name to see if Sunny knew something I didn't lol.

Funny stuff though.

Soldierone3531d ago

I sure as hell hope it doesnt go to the kings speech.

-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I do... for the Oscar contest that I'll probably lose xD

Otherwise yeah I hope it doesn't win either.

Soldierone3531d ago

Yeah thats another reason for me to cross my fingers and hope it loses :p