Viggo Mortensen on Warners' Radar for 'Superman' Villain


Now that British hunk Henry Cavill is set to play the Man of Steel, the search is on the fill out the rest of the cast of Warner Bros.' big-budget Superman reboot. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are zeroing in on an intriguing actor to play the villain: Viggo Mortensen.

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JL3531d ago

I think Viggo is a great actor. It would be interesting to see him get a villain role in a movie like this. I almost doubt this being true, but it could indeed be interesting if it does prove to be true.

-MD-3531d ago

Has he ever played a villain before in a film? He doesn't seem the type.

JL3531d ago

Yea. He's played the biggest villain of them all: Satan. He played the role of Lucifer in the movie The Prophecy. He did a good job with it too. He can definitely bring that sinister aura when needed.

In Eastern Promises he also played a "villain". Though it was more of a "villain who gains a conscience" type role. And, not necessarily a villain, but he did play the "bad guy" type in GI Jane.

Soldierone3531d ago

It would totally be awesome! Kinda show that WB is at least putting faith into a Superman movie for once.

Sunny_D3531d ago

Hmmmm, I can see him as a potential villain. But, I don't see him as the more notable villains in Superman.

darklordzor3531d ago

Perfect...I think this would be absolutely fricking perfect. He could totally pull this off. He's got that stiff and pompous demeanor down that could make Zod incredibly fun to see. I would love this.

JL3531d ago

I agree. He could pull off Zod pretty well. I just enjoy seeing Viggo in anything really.