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It's Going Down Sunday: And The Oscar Goes To

FilmMattic writes: The Oscar's represents a celebration of the best of filmmaking. Given the endless stream of, at times, contentious debate concerning the Academy Award's Best Picture race, I feel compelled to enlist my two cents. At the center of the debate are two polarizing loyalties from two front-running contenders, The Social Network and The King's Speech. Based on identifiably agreed upon factors, the other eight contenders for Best Picture don't possess much hope of winning. Also, I briefly review Charlie Sheen's latest controversy, which has lead to the indefinite cancellation of Two and A Half Men.

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Sunny_D2883d ago

Yup, I also hope Inception gets Best Picture, but Natalie Portman gets best Actress.

I hope Javier Bardem or James France either get the Oscar.

Soldierone2883d ago

Sundays here! Lets see how it roles out!

-MD-2882d ago

James France again Sunny? Lol.

Sunny_D2882d ago

Damn it! I really do that a lot to any name that sounds close to a country.

-MD-2882d ago

ROFL. No biggie. I had to double check to see if his birth name was James France or something lol.

filmmattic2882d ago

I'm with you Sunny_D, lets go Franco!

Soldierone2883d ago

I wish Inception gets best picture, but I only hope The Kings Speech doesnt win best picture. It would be a huge letdown when you have Black Swan and The Social Network competing for it too.

filmmattic2882d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. is reporting, according to "online buzz" from sites like this, Inception is the favorite to win Best Picture—of course, this sentiment has no bearing on the Academy's choice, though it's an interesting piece of news.

As long as we all continue to vehemently champion the Nolan cause, hailing him as one of the best working directors today, if not the best, the fact that it wins or loses will only represent a marginal disappointment. Ultimately, the film community recognizes filmmaking greatness, so the fact that Inception is revered is all the "award" vindication we Nolan enthusiasts need.

That above statement does not preclude the fact that I am still mightily hoping it wins Best Picture!

Soldierone2882d ago

Yeah all that film reception and people saying it should win are the exact reasons as to why i think it wont win.

-MD-2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Portman is going to take best actress easily (it's all anyone ever talks about). It'd be the biggest shocker of the show if she didn't.

Soldierone2882d ago

That may be the only confirmed winner of them all lol. Maybae animation with Toy story 3, but I personally think HTTD still has a fighting chance.

filmmattic2882d ago

Yup, it's a slam dunk win—all film critics and online cinephiles will be up in arms if she loses given the enormity of pre-Oscar momentum regarding the likelihood of her winning. We all agree, she is the most deserving.