TheGameEffect | The Office: "Todd Packer" Review

Packer's back. Like everyone in The Office (aside from Michael anyway) I too find Todd Packer to be repulsive and obnoxious: he is certainly my least favorite of the recurring characters on the show. So while the episode did have many fun moments related to Packer, the ones that dealt with him directly were less than amusing to me. This episode reinforced, yet again, the depth of Michael's feelings for Holly and his developing maturity, though the theme is starting to get a bit over-played...

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filmfreak3532d ago

This episode was alright. I'm not really sure why they brought Packer in when he was gone fairly quick. It got on my nerves too that it only lead to them teasing the whole Dwight vs Jim pranks but we didn't get any real good ones and I'm sure they won't be bringing us any anytime soon.

JL3532d ago

The whole Dwight-vs-Jim subplot was always my favorite aspect of this show. I would love to see them bring that stuff back. The dynamics between those two made the show hilarious.

-MD-3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

They brought Packer back to move Michael Scott's story along. He's only got another 3-4 episodes left before he's gone. Packer was his old friend and he basically doesn't view him as a friend anymore as you saw during the end of the episode.

They're just clearing up loose ends before he leaves (probably with Holly in tow)

-MD-3532d ago

I think that's the last we'll be seeing of Todd Packer knowing that Michael Scott is almost out of the picture. I thought this was a good episode and I loved Jim and Dwight teaming up to take someone down I wish they would have gone further with that.

Sunny_D3531d ago

What he thinks Michael is obnoxious? He's the funniest one! But, I can agree Todd is a bit annoying at times.