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Hallie Steinfield: A Talented Young Actor

Sha writes: The print version of Charles Portis 1968 novel The True Grit has been given a celluloid form by the Coen Brothers in their theatrical venture. There are rare cases when a 14 year old girl is nominated for Oscars in her first film itself. Hailee Steinfield has marked her debut with this movie but her acting skills have left everyone wondering if this was her first film. She has done the fabulous job while sharing screen with the industry giants like Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

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Sunny_D3720d ago

I thought she was a pretty good actress. Hopefully, she can make it big and get bigger roles and become more noticed.

Soldierone3720d ago

She was decent, defo still in the development stages though we just gotta see where she takes it.

Sunny_D3720d ago

Yeah, most actors and actress start out like that. It takes practice and a bit of good luck to get it right.

-MD-3720d ago

I don't think I could have done half as good as she did when I was 14. Hopefully she doesn't turn into a coke head a few years down the road like some other wasted talent.

Soldierone3720d ago

Depends, if your parents teach you as you grow up then you could be like that. But it requires taking a childhood away.

-MD-3720d ago

I know I've mentioned it before but the best child actor right now has to be Moretz. Steinfield shows a lot of promise but Moretz just blows up any scene she is in.

Crazay3720d ago

Moretz is a damn fine actress for such a young girl. I would consider myself a fan of hers.

-MD-3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I'm a big big fan of hers. She has a bunch of upcoming movies too that I'm looking forward to even one helmed by Scorsese named Hugo Cabret. She's going to have a crazy good career if it continues this way.

Sunny_D3720d ago

Many child stars don't live a normal childhood, and that's why they become troubled down the line, ex: MJ, Lindsey. If you have good parents that don't over kill you, then, yeah.