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Must Watch Netflix Stream: Superman/Shazam! - The Return of Black Adam

NERDSociety writes "WB’s DC animation movie is a hit or miss. You have crappy ones like Superman: Doomsday and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. But then there are the good ones like Batman: Under The Red Hood and Wonder Woman. Superman/Shazam!: The Return Of Black Adam falls in the latter. "

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Soldierone3702d ago

Can we get a daily or weekly "Netflix Watch" from one of you guys lol. I find stuff like this cool, cus it makes me watch movies i never would of bothered to check out.

Crazay3701d ago

Ya it is a pretty good spot isn't it.

bolland1233701d ago

Yeah, I'll try to do one every week. There's so many gems out there on Netflix, as well as old school classics like Die Hard :)

Crazay3701d ago

I actually watched a movie called Orgies and the Meaning of Life. It was actually pretty funny and had an interesting message mixed in there. Not a bad lil flick.

Sunny_D3700d ago

Hell yeah. It's funny I watched Superman on netflix stream and this articles comes, lol. I might follow you guys because you can give me good movies to name.