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The Oscars : A Curmudgeon's View

Celluloid Zombie writes:
Oscar season is upon us once more and the circus is well and truly in town. The blogs are buzzing, the free gifts and sweeteners are being sent and the usual pundits are all in a frenzy, trying to predict the outcome. Who will win Best Actor? Who will walk away with Best Director? What will Helena Bonham Carter be wearing? Who is going to fluff their lines? I know movie sites are supposed to get on the bus when it comes to these things, but I’m afraid I’ll be taking a different approach. Who cares?

I’ve loved movies my whole life, in many ways movies are my life, but I’ve never really cared much for the award ceremonies that accompany them. This year my interest seems to have reached its nadir. I look at the furore around the BAFTAS and, to a much larger degree, the Oscars, and wonder just how relevant they are to those who love movies rather than just to those that make them. And then I yawn a bit.

Here’s five reasons why the Oscars leave me cold...

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Sunny_D3523d ago

Oh yeah, definitely, not with dudes. But, the woman all they come to the Oscars for are to compare clothes it seems. But, I remember when it was important to watch the Oscars, so you knew what you were talking about with your friends back then. But, now with the internet I can watch it on my own time.