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Snorefest? Oscar Show Rundown: Exclusive Spoilers From Annotated Sked

Deadline says:

I've obtained the annotated schedule for Sunday night's 83rd Academy Awards show and it looks to be yet another snorefest from the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences airing on ABC and in 200 countries around the globe. Here will be the highlights or lowlights depending on your point of view when it comes to the overly long and usually boring Oscars telecast:

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Crazay3729d ago

Sadly, I'm gonna be watching this and live blogging it with a few others from my site. If anyone wants to join us for the conversation, feel free to let me know. I'll post something about it on Sunday.

MrMyers3728d ago

I want to see how James Franco does hosting it and I want Inception to win everything :D

Sunny_D3728d ago

I don't think Inception was nominated for many things or was that the Director, Nolan who wasn't. But, whatever it was, they deserve the awards. Leonardo deserves an Oscar along with many other amazing ACTORS!