Film Jabber Review: I Am Number Four

Film Jabber:
I Am Number Four has its moments and by large is moderately entertaining, but it feels more like a science fiction version of "One Tree Hill" than a legitimate thriller. The movie spends too much time dwelling on artificial teen conflict and too little on developing more engaging story arcs.

Those looking for mindless entertaining could do worse, but D.J. Caruso is capable of much more.

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Sunny_D2974d ago

Hmm, I've seen lower scores than this one. That's quite a surprise.

-MD-2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

What's not surprising is I haven't seen anything higher.

Soldierone2973d ago

There have been a few positive reviews for it too. I wouldnt rate it too high, but this is also kinda low. Id rate it moderate to sub par. Its watchable and its fun, but its entirely setting up a second movie.

Sunny_D2973d ago

That is true, I know what you mean.

Soldierone2973d ago

The only thing I hated was this entire film just set up a second film. It had too long of a act 1. but the fighting scenes were my god some of the best things i have ever seen.