Modern Day Method Actors

Anomalous Material writes:
As a casual fan of films, and by extension a layman of the acting process, the so-called “Method” is a term that takes on almost mythic proportions and mystical properties; a cryptic technique that matches the enigmatic and mercurial nature of the actors brave enough to employ the process.

Like most things that are difficult to grasp, people often use it as a punch line in an attempt to diffuse the potent nature of it. They dismiss it as craziness, an excuse for actors to behave badly, to treat below-the-line and behind-the-scenes workers with contempt and alienate friends and family alike. If an actor goes so far as to brutalize himself, it gives him carte blanche to brutalize others. Or so the theory goes.

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-MD-3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I doubt Ledger's joker will ever be outdone. He went all out on that character. He was and could have continued to be one of the greats.

JL3735d ago

I would hardly say it can't be outdone. Nor would I say it hasn't been outdone. To call it the greatest performance of all-time might be a stretch. That being said, he did do an absolutely amazing job. It would've been very interesting to see where his career went after he really grabbed ahold of method acting like that.

Crazay3735d ago

Well said JL - Ledger did show some real special abilities in that role and it would have been really sweet to see what the future held for him. I always liked his acting because he was able to do it all. Comedy, Horror, Drama - Just a well rounded actor.

-MD-3735d ago

Who called it the greatest performance of all time?

zootang3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Liked the film but his role was over rated and death pushed to push the Movie. It was a joke and complete lack of respect to his family. RIP ledger and I hope you are remembered for more than just this film.

JL3734d ago

Well you implied it before you made that edit to have it say "Ledger's joker" instead of the original "Ledger's performance". It implied that his performance in general was the best ever.

Now that you change it though, I could actually agree with that. He's been the best Joker I've ever seen, hands down. I won't say nobody will ever top him down the line, but it would take an absolutely amazing performance for someone to do Joker better.

Sunny_D3734d ago

I think if Ledger was still alive. People would have chosen him to do more dark and insane type of roles after seeing how good his Joker role was.

Crazay3734d ago

I think that actor prefer the "bad guy" kind of role so when they get the chance to do that they really give it their all which makes people stand up and take notice - they tend to be the more memorable roles that any actor takes.

Soldierone3734d ago

In a way, maybe him being gone is working out in his favor. NO im not saying im happy he died, and I do truly miss him as an actor as I loved his other movies (other than broke back mountain).

However this performance was truly amazing and as he died more people than normal took notice, and fewer people argue against it. If he were still alive would it still get this much attention in a Batman film? Would his other roles live up to it? Or would it tarnish his name....

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filmfreak3734d ago

Method actors are usually the most brilliant at their job just due to the dedication and commitment they obviously give their work due to this method of acting. They really give it their all and dive into roles completely. Some of my favorite actors of all time are method actors.

Sunny_D3734d ago

Yup, like how Ledger locked himself inside a Hotel room to BECOME the Joker. But, it could have made him crazy. ;(

Crazay3734d ago

I've heard that statement before but I just can't see how that's even a little possible. I think that's just people reaching for an explanation for what happened to him because they don';t want to accept the fact that he was careless.

Sunny_D3734d ago

Well, I don't know if it's true or not. But, there was an interview with Jack Nicholson somewhere, where he said that he warned Ledger about playing the role of Joker. When a reporter told Jack about Ledger's death, he said I told him.

Soldierone3734d ago

I know he really got into the part. The behind the scenes stuff all the other actors say "he was the joker all the time, he never stopped, he was always that creepy villian" and sure maybe it got to his head a little bit, but to the point of this extreme?

He wasnt even working on TDK anymore at the time of death. It was a mistake, its nothing more.

JL3733d ago

I don't entirely blame this role for Ledger's death. He was being stupid and careless. That's ultimately what caused it. However, I can see this role having stuck with him enough to turn his personality in a sense to the point that it made him a careless person. Like he was still riding that high, then went and did something stupid. Of course that doesn't excuse the stupidity.

The thing with method actors though is they become these characters. The good ones end up living, breathing, eating as that character. And Soldier I know you point out he was beyond TDK at that point, but even still with the amount he gave himself to that role, I guarantee some of it still lingered with him. Giving in that completely, it has a tendency to stick with you for a while.

As an example, Fear and Loathing. Depp gave himself to that role so completely that I read interviews years after that movie where he said he still hasn't shaken it completely. That in a sense, that role became part of who he was, because quite frankly...he made himself that way. Living with Hunter and becoming him, it just became who Depp was to a degree as well. If you give into something so completely, it will end up becoming who you are.

On that note, again, yes it was just careless stupidity on Ledger's part. And he knew (or should've known) the risks.

Soldierone3733d ago

Becoming a method actor sounds pretty interesting. i dont know exactly how you would go to those extremes, but id be willing to learn thats for sure. Not saying im capable of doing it, but it sounds so interesting.

I didnt know the joker was that extreme as you say, so you could be right.

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creamsoda3733d ago

Why isn't Al Pacino or Robert Deniro on this list?

ultramoot3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

"Is it coincidence then that the greatest method actor to ever live, Marlon Brando, was notoriously difficult to deal with on the set? Or that Christian Bale, one of the best method actors working today, is a terror towards non-talent punch-the-clock support crew minions?"

What a load of bull. When did you ever hear co-actors or crew members complain about Bale on-set, except that ONE time with Terminator Salvation? I'm willing to bet a majority of the people pointing fingers at Bale aren't such darling angels at work either.