Watch 11 Minutes Of 'Take Me Home Tonight'


There are two distinct ways to make a period-set comedy. The first is to go broad, making fun of the smaller things that people liked in previous decades but seem ridiculous now. A perfect example of this kind of film is last year's Hot Tub Time Machine, which was chock full of gags about giant cell phones and big hair. The other option is to not mock the decade, but rather embrace it, tell a story that speaks to the setting but is accessible beyond it. It's harder to do, but Michael Dowse's Take Me Home Tonight seems to be aiming for the latter.

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-MD-3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I've been quoting lines from this movie for like the past 2 weeks. Dan Folger is super underrated.

Sunny_D3532d ago

Okay, that was pretty boring.