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Ridley Scott's "Alien" Voted the Scariest Movie Monster of All Time

In a recent survey conducted by the Jameson Cult Film Club, thousands of Brits were asked to rank the movies monsters that scared them the most. After the votes were tallied, one clear winner revealed his ugly head. The Alien from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror movie turned out to be the scariest of all movie monsters amongst the polled. Some thirty years after invading theaters, the Alien still instills fear in the hearts of many a film fanatics.

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Soldierone3986d ago

Really? I always watched these movies for the action, I was never scared. Even when I was younger.

Jurassic Park (dunno if that counts) scared the absolute crap out of me though.

JL3986d ago

I agree. It never scared me either. I was never hugely fond of the movies either.

lol That's funny you say Jurassic Park as I was wondering who really thought that scary so much so that it finds its way on this list. Guess there are plenty.

For me, the scariest movie monster is Jaws. His very cinematic existence has created phobias in people when it comes to the ocean. I say that's quite an effect.

Crazay3986d ago

I liked Jaws but it never did anything for me in a scare kind of way.

Soldierone3985d ago

Jaws the movie was scary (so was pirana the old one) but thats more so the filming technique that scared you. He never had a shot under water and things moved really slow. Ever had a bad dream where you need to run but cant. Thats the effect he put on you.

JL3985d ago

I don't think Jaws the movie was ever actually "scary" per se. At least not in a conventional sense. Rather, it was the type of movie that instilled subconscious fear into you. That's what it so great.

filmfreak3985d ago

Jaw is def the scariest. I want even go into the ocean anymore because of that movie.

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-MD-3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

When I was much younger I thought Chuckie (Child's Play) was the absolute scariest thing in the world. I had nightmares for years no joke.

Now he's just awesome =) can't wait for the reboot.

Crazay3986d ago

CHucky was kinda spooky in that "Children are creepy" sorta way. Then they got away from what made him awesome and turned him into a joke. Kinda like what they did to Freddy but way more amplified.

-MD-3985d ago

Yeah they basically turned it into a dark comedy for Bride, and Seed.

Soldierone3985d ago

Chuckie was meh to me. My mom used to like dolls and masks and what not, so i got used to that stuff. I guess thats why it never really scared me. I could never get into it, they were cool and all, I just wasnt a Chuckie freak like everyone around me.

-MD-3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Dolls always creeped me out as a kid. I remember going to my friends house and his older sister had like 100 dolls lined up in her room all staring at you. I only went in there like twice.

JL3985d ago

Yea I never got the deal with people thinking Chucky was scary. My younger brother even had a little "My Buddy" doll back when those movies came out and it never unnerved me or anything.

If you want a "children are creepy" movie that is scary. The kids from Children of the Corn freak me the hell out.

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Crazay3986d ago

The only movie that ever made the hair on the back of my neck stand up was American Werewolf in London. I was pretty young when I saw it so when that guy started changing into a Werewolf, it unnerved me because it was so goddamn good. I still say that is the very best man to wolf transformation ever. Couple that with the gutteral howl of the wolf that sounded so primal with a hint of humananity and that shit frightened me. The howl still makes me take notice

Crazay3986d ago

DId not mean to agree with the scary Dinos of Jurassic Park. Damn beautiful visuals though. Sure would be sweet to see how much more realistic they'd be with todays technology.

Soldierone3985d ago

I would absolutely love to see a new Jurassic Park. hell id love to make one lol. That would be so intense and crazy, they just need to make the same film aspects to keep it good.

Crazay3985d ago

Ya Jurassic Park was and still is one hell of a piece of work. It's kinda timeless and I'm really looking forward to watching it with my daughter when she gets older. I still think the Dinos look sharp.

xVeZx3985d ago

They looked so good because most of the dinosaurs in that movie werent cgi they were made

xVeZx3985d ago

i love jurassic park when i was a kid i had all the toys

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Sunny_D3985d ago

Bah, Ailien is no scary. I was more scared of Michael Myers when I first saw him on screen

JL3985d ago

As you should be. Michael Myers is a scary badass. Hands down I'd put the Halloween franchise down as scarier than the Alien franchise. Myers is still the scariest slasher villain I think.

Sunny_D3985d ago

I didn't like the way they made him in the new movies. They got a 6 ft 8 dude to play him and and depended on his size to be scary. The older one had a regular sized dude going after people which was scarier to me, because it just shows how one dude can cause so much panic.

JL3984d ago

I actually liked Rob Zombie's remakes. Wasn't as good as the original of course, but still liked it well enough.

Quagmire3985d ago

I found the Alien creature to be artistic rather than scary, if anyone knows what I mean. Alien...seems less like a monster film, and more like a documentary. The creature was so lifelike, so animalistic, so instinctive, it actually seemes like a plausable extra terrestrial.

The Thing however, scared the shit outta me when I saw it. I saw it 3 months ago. I am a 20 year old man.

MrMyers3985d ago

I never thought of the Alien as scary it was just bad ass. Outta all these the scariest ones are things like the crawlers in The Decent; monsters like that that you spend a long time not really ever seeing, that are more killers in the shadows make me a bit edgy.

Sunny_D3983d ago

I also used to be scared by the movie Carrie. Sheesh, that bloody girl was sooooo freaky.

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