First Look: Toy Story Short “Hawaiian Vacation"

Pixar Times:
In the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the popular magazine has a first look at the new Toy Story short entitled Hawaiian Vacation. The Toy Story Toon is set to hit theaters alongside Cars 2 on June 24, 2011. We have a scan of the magazine’s first look, which you can take a look at here.

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-MD-3535d ago

More of the same. I fell out of love with Toy Story a long time ago. Sure it's still good for a few laughs but it doesn't have the same impact it had a decade ago.

Sunny_D3535d ago

Hmmm, a lot of animate shorts like to have them going to Hawaii. I guess they don't have an awesome plot for the short, so they will use a rehashed idea.

Sunny_D3533d ago

I just wonder if they will show Andy in this one or not?

-MD-3533d ago

Pretty sure we've seen the last of Andy after 3