Have We Seen The Last Of 'Two And a Half Men'? CBS And Warner Bros Pull The Plug

Deadline Says:

With Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen's erratic behavior escalating today with a series of verbal assaults on the show's creator-executive producer Chuck Lorre, the sitcom's network and studio did the only thing they could in the situation: pull the plug. But they only did it for this season. (Men was scheduled to resume production on Monday for 4 more episodes). So the door is left open for a possible ninth season. "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros TV have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season," the two companies said in a statement.

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Crazay3734d ago

Oh Charlie - You were doing so well. As a recovering addict, perhaps playing an alcoholic womanizer wasn't a great idea for him. I wonder how long the chaos has been going on behind the scenes before he really came undone.

-MD-3734d ago

I honestly wouldn't miss it.

Crazay3734d ago

It's a really funny show. I don't go out of my way to watch it but I do like the show.

-MD-3734d ago

It's funny when I catch it from time to time but I also don't go out of my way to watch it.

Soldierone3734d ago

Bleh it happens. If the two let it all out and get it over with it will come back for one maybe two seasons, but i dont see it going beyond that.

-MD-3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Yeah after all of Charlie's comments on the producers and creators of the show I don't ever see them mending that.

He got really personal with his attacks. Fans of the show will be lucky to get a series finale.

Soldierone3734d ago

Didnt he do this stuff before? So he disapeared, now hes back and doing it again? He was in a ton of movies a while ago.

Lohan will be doing the same thing.

Crazay3734d ago

I dunno if he's even unloaded like this but maybe. It should make for some interesting times for the show though.

Soldierone3733d ago

It would ruin the show, but they could make his brother move out or go on vacation or something and leave Charlie out of it.

It not like he was what made the show funny anyways.

Crazay3733d ago

I dunno Soldier - I think Sheen was the main reason the show was doing so well. I mean, he plays himself so well right? Without Sheen, the show dies and everyone knows it.

Soldierone3733d ago

At this point its pretty much dead anyways. Might as well milk a few more episode and a big grand finale.

A vacation for the son and whats his name could give them a few episodes to work something out and continue onwards with that.

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VMAN_013734d ago

Axe big bang theory while you're at it, thanks :)

Crazay3734d ago

WHAT?!? The Big Bang Theory is fantastic. Easily the best sitcom on TV right now.

shadow27973734d ago

You clearly don't know comedy. Big Bang Theory is hilarious and is indeed the best sitcom on TV right now.

Two and Half Men became a recycled mess after its fourth season. Same story-lines with new characters. They need to let it die.

Soldierone3733d ago

Are you kidding?!?!?

I dont like watching TV, but thats one show ill actually sit through because its funny. its so well done and has good writers behind it.

outwar60103734d ago

last two episode were soooooo funny its going to be a shame

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The story is too old to be commented.