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A Stammerer's Appreciation Of The King's Speech

Shadowlocked writes:
Noting Shadowlocked writer Graham Taylor's indictment of The King's Speech as a prototypically cynical Oscar-fishing expedition, I could only concur. The one thing standing in the way of my total approbation of the article was the fact that I hadn't actually seen the film. Having rectified that minor oversight of research, I am surprised to find myself very much on the other side of the fence to Graham. Unlike him, however, I can't argue for any kind of majority view, but only that 1% of the population who share the immense social obstacle that King George VI (Colin Firth) had to contend with as a new and terrible global war demanded an erudite and inspiring leader.

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Crazay3529d ago

I just can't bring myself to watch this movie. It's just not something I can get into.

MrMyers3528d ago

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush did so good in this movie

Sunny_D3526d ago

I hear that this movie is amazing, but I haven't had the time to watch it yet.