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Hi-Def Ninja: The Tillman Story Blu-ray Review

Jorge writes: The Tilllman Story is a documentary based on the death of the U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, filmed and directed by Amir Bar-Lev. Pat Tillman gave up a multi-million NFL contract to join the army, not because he wanted to be a hero, but because he felt the it was the right thing to do. His death in Afghanistan in 2004 brought more grief to his family that expected when the army used him for propaganda in something that simply seems inexplicable. But the army didn’t expect his family to retaliate and seek the truth behind their loved ones’ death.

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Crazay3724d ago

OH DAMN!!! They made a movie about him? I'm gonna have to see this.

Sunny_D3723d ago

I was suprised too when i saw that they made a movie about him. I'm goign to keep an eye on this.