American Idol Voting Coming Soon To Facebook

American Idol fanatics will soon be able to vote for their favorite performers on Facebook. That’s right, no more busy signals or worrying about spam texts. The hit show is expected to roll out the new voting feature early next month.

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-MD-3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

They are just not getting online voting going into their 10th season? That's just sad. Why not allow voting on your official website instead of Facebook? Doesn't even make sense.

"Fans will be able to cast their vote up 50 times within each broadcast’s voting period."

So the votes will be padded now? Dumb. This show has seen its day.

Sunny_D3526d ago

More people will be able to vote if it's on Facebook, than their own site. It's much easier when you have link in front of you on a website you along with millions of people use.

techniglee3527d ago

Yeah I know, 50 times is a but much...

Crazay3526d ago

Screw American Idol. It's absolute trash and I can't wait for the plug to be pulled on it.