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Exclusive Trailer, Photos From 'Little Deaths'


The hip, genre-lovin' cat at Fantastic Fest selected five "midnight movies" to play at South By Southwest under the appropriately named SXFantastic program. The UK import Little Deaths is one of them and we've got a trailer full of debauchery to share with you.

Deaths is an anthology featuring the works of Sean Hogan (Summer's Blood), Simon Rumley (Red White & Blue) and Andrew Parkinson (I, Zombie). You'll find a complete breakdown of each story featured within Deaths in our previous news item here. Or, you can just skip to the trailer and enjoy!

In addition to the preview, we've got two exclusive photos, as well as early sales artwork, in our gallery.

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Crazay3724d ago

Sweet - I would totally watch this. I'll watch nearly anything in the Horror genre.

Sunny_D3721d ago

Ok, that seems pretty interesting. I mean it is horror and seems creative enough to peak my interest.