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Shakefire: Hall Pass Review

Shakefire writes, "After being married for years, Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) are still the same men they were before they got married, acting like they still live in the college frat house rather than taking care of their own families. More specifically, they are constantly thinking about sex and any hot woman that crosses their eye line. Their wives (Fisher and Applegate) have had enough, and in a final attempt to get them to shape up, they give the boys a weeklong 'hall pass' which enables them to take a week off from marriage and do whatever they like, no questions asked. Sounds like every man's dream, right?"

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-MD-3528d ago

Oh wow I was just coming in here to say that it looks like this one seems to be reviewing decently but it's got a 19% on RT. It's still early though so this could change.

Soldierone3528d ago

This movie doesnt interest me at all. Its targeted at older audiences, so obviously hollywood stars are getting a bit too old.

-MD-3528d ago

How is it targeted at older audiences? Older as in like 30+? I would have flipped out for this when I was 12.

JL3527d ago

I've enjoyed a lot of the Farrelly Brothers' work. Though some of their latest projects haven't been all that great. This one has looked like it could be interesting though. I'll definitely be checking it out at some point.