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Clash of the Titans Sequel Starts Shooting in 10 Days


Director Jonathan Liebesman has come a long way from his first film Darkness Falls as he's now being put in charge of much bigger budget high-profile projects in recent years. After directing modern-day Marines fighting against aliens in the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles, Liebesman is transitioning to ancient Greek warriors fighting against Gods and mythological creatures in the sequel to Clash of the Titans, taking over the reins from director Louis Letterier who Liebesman attended NYU with many years ago and considers one of his mentors.

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-MD-3532d ago

Wow 10 shooting days for the entire film? That's nuts. Also new director sounds like a good idea. The last one wasn't too hot.

Soldierone3532d ago

Its all CGI stuff now.

just like in Transformers he filmed for what 3 weeks, spent like a month just doing CGI work and another month rendering it all.

-MD-3532d ago

Is that really all it takes now? I didn't know. I remember when Phone Booth came out and it was huge news that it only took 2 weeks to shoot.

Soldierone3531d ago

Most movies are filmed in less than a month now. Thats why actors can be in so many in a year. Its editing and visuals that take all the time now.

I just wish I was learning that stuff

-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

If that's the case then why do actors make 20 million dollars for 2 weeks worth of work? Totally ridiculous. The guys behind the technical stuff probably don't make a fraction of what they make.

I'd feel like an ass (although a happy one) if I was being paid that much for that little work.

Soldierone3531d ago

Im in an acting class and its really hard lol. Pretending a giant robot is attacking while another giant robot saves you would be so hard lol.

not saying that makes it worth them getting paid more but you also have like 50 to 100 people doing the CG effects for over a month. Even at minimum wage thats a crap ton of money spent on visuals.

gaffyh3531d ago

That means it's going to be even worse than the crappy first one. Which surprisingly, had NO titans in it at all LOL.

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JL3531d ago

What? No. This news isn't saying filming for the movie will last only 10 days. It's saying that 10 days after the publishing of this story is when they start filming. This is just a time frame of when shooting starts, not how long it will last.

Crazay3531d ago

I think most movies tend to be 45 days on average.

Sunny_D3529d ago

The first one was lackluster and all was for the big bucks with their 3d effects. The only thing mememorable was the line Neeson gave about "Release the Kraken"

Sunny_D3528d ago

But, I heard a new director was supposed to be directing the movie so I don't know if this is the case yet or not.