Chris Columbus To Remake 'Hello Ghost'


Christopher Columbus will develop to direct a remake of the Korean film Hello Ghost. The project has been set with Next Entertainment World, the Korean distributor and financier. After a young man tries to kill himself, he's haunted by four ghosts. They won't stop haunting him until he helps each of them fulfill one wish. Columbus will produce with 1492 partners Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe. Columbus is a fan of Korean cinema and sparked to the film's English language remake potential of a film that's a box office hit in Korea. "After watching Hello Ghost I was immediately struck by the film's ability to mix comedy, drama and complex emotional themes," Columbus said in a statement. “Its strong universal storyline translates to any culture, and I'm looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience."

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-MD-3526d ago

So he gets haunted for trying to commit suicide? Wouldn't that make him even more suicidal?

Crazay3526d ago

Chris Columbus still makes movies? That's Umpossible.

-MD-3526d ago

500 years in the making.

Sunny_D3523d ago

Damn, he's a ghost director. He's been the true mastermind behind all classic movies that ever came out.

Sunny_D3523d ago

I loved a lot of horror movies that have been remade from the original Japanese version. The Ring, The Grudge, Shutter.