H&T Podcast: Unknown, 2 Days in Paris & Paranormal Activity 2

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: We are slowly leaving the early year dumping grounds and starting to get some decent popcorn fare finally and this past week certainly helps carry that flag. After a quick discussion on the rules for television show laugh tracks I start us off with "Paranormal Activity 2" and talk about how scary a door opening by itself can be. Miguel discovers the criminally underused and talented Julie Delpy in the romantic comedy "2 Days in Paris". We finish off with a mystery laden discussion for the new Liam "Taken" Neeson film "Unknown" where we realize that money truly does grow on trees or at least in a coma patient's pocket. Featured music this week is from the "2 Days in Paris" soundtrack and Julie Delpy's self titled album "Julie Delpy".

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Crazay3529d ago

I'm all over seeing Unknown and I relly liked Paranormal Activity. It had a slightly darker edge than the original but I want darker and more ominous.