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'Paul' Gets A Red Band Trailer So Kristen Wiig Can Smoke Pot


Paul has a new, red band trailer. Why is it a red band trailer? At some point in the trailer Simon Pegg grabs Kristen Wiig’s boob, but she’s wearing a shirt so I’m pretty sure that’s not it. There’s not a lot of red band activity going on in this trailer, except for a scene where Kristen Wiig smokes pot. Is that red band material? The red band warning in front of this trailer would seem to suggest it is.

Check out the new red band trailer for Paul, to see Kristen Wiig getting high with a CGI alien voiced by Seth Rogen.

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-MD-3526d ago

Well this is torture. I always watch the trailers to comedies 20 times so by the time I finally see the movie I can quote the jokes before they even happen.

I'm trying to avoid it but I really wanna see Kristen smoke some pot xD. Torture I tell you!

JL3525d ago

It's not a long scene at all that you see her get high. In fact, her actually being high is a very short scene. It's kind of hilarious though.

Crazay3525d ago

Imma check this sucker out in the next couple weeks.

Sunny_D3522d ago

Man, is it me or now all comedy movies about smoking pot or what? Where is the real comedies?

-MD-3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

What's wrong with pot comedies? They're the best ones. Also you know you posted 200 times in the last 3 hours right? Kind of telling.