TheGameEffect | Raising Hope: "What up, Cuz?" Review

TGE: It's been quite a while since I've recapped Raising Hope. So long, in fact, I wasn't sure if I'd write about it again. It's not a bad show or terribly unfunny...I just didn't have anything to say about it that I hadn't already said. Repeatedly. Like a disappointed stay-at-home mom, my initial excitement about this new arrival in my life (Martha Plimpton as Virginia = comedy gold! Blue collar weirdos like the ones I grew up with!) gave way to the depressing realization that watching something evolve and grow can be like watching paint dry. As this new show struggled with its identity (is it a quirky dark comedy, or formulaic family sitcom?), I struggled to remain interested. In other words: I got bored. But with last night's 'What up, Cuz?' my enthusiasm for Raising Hope has returned, and I have no problem repeating myself here: Amy Sedaris! Amy Sedaris! Amy Sedaris!

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