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Hi-Def Ninja: Raging Bull Blu-ray Review

John writes: The Bull is here, here to slap yo’ girl if she ain’t acktin’ right! Here to question your own sanity, and make sure you’re not boinking his wife! One of the greatest portrayals of any boxer to the big screen, hell it’s the best hands down. Sure “Ali” is a great 2nd and maybe just maybe The Hurricane grabs third. Though none of them can hold the jock strap that is the “Raging Bull” Jake La Motta’s foray to blu-ray. Marty Mar at his best. Jake La Motta is a fighter who relies on his physical gifts over his mind. Over the years the beatings play a huge role in his sanity or lack there of. To go from the top, to the bottom and to do it with style. (No matter if you respect that style or not) These are reasons that make the life of Jake La Motta so entertaining.

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Sunny_D3722d ago

This classic should be in everyone's collection. De Niro's acting and the score was what made me fall in love with it.

Sunny_D3721d ago

I also found this greater than Rocky.