Hi-Def Ninja: You Again Blu-ray Review

Jorge writes: Marni Olsen (Kristen Bell) is perhaps the biggest loser in school. Being tormented through what some called the best years of your life, by the cheerleaders of the school. Fast forward a couple of years later, Marni is now a successful woman working for a PR firm in LA, which is soon to be her old job since her promotion requires her to move to New York, but first she must go home for her brother’s Will (James Wolk) wedding. What Marni doesn’t know is that Will is marrying the person who tormented her throughout high school, Joanna (Odette Yustman) or as J.J. But their first meet up isn’t what Marnie expected and there’s more waiting for her mom Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) as her past is coming back to haunt her as well. Now Marni is on a personal vendetta to uncover the true face of the goody too shoes Joanna.

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Sunny_D3731d ago

Terrible movie even with Betty White. I had to watch it with the GF.