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Know Your Oscar Films: Black Swan

Continuing our lead up coverage of the 2011 Academy Awards, TMP is bringing more in depth looks at the big films from the Oscars this year. Today features Black Swan, the Darren Aronofsky thriller.

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-MD-3724d ago

She twisted a rib while filming? I wasn't even aware you could twist a rib.

darklordzor3724d ago

Yeah, crazy right? She did some intense training for this film. It's crazy how skilled she became. That's dedication.

Sunny_D3721d ago

AHHH, I LOVE Portman. I will watch this movie soon just because of her.

Sunny_D3720d ago

-This story was originally worked into the plot of The Wrestler, and was going to be about a love affair between a ballerina and a wrestler. Mickey Rourke would have played the ballerina.

What if they combined it to make a ballerina Wrestler? Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside?