Justin Timberlake as Larry? Farrellys on Stooge Search

Boston Herald says:

Picture if you will, Justin Timberlake as Larry. And maybe “Jackass” Johnny Knoxville as Moe. And Will Sasso from “$#*! My Dad Says” as Curly.

The Farrelly Brothers, who begin filming their big-screen version of “The Three Stooges” in April, are considering all three to play the legendary knuckleheads. They’ve also reached out to their “Kingpin” star Woody Harrelson and Peter Farrelly’s Vineyard golf buddy Larry David for the Larry role. They’re considering Hank Azaria for Moe and a host of unknowns for Curly.

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Crazay3736d ago

I've actually found myself thinking that Timberlake just might be a legitimate actor after seeing him in a few roles but in the role of Larry of the 3 Stooges? "I don't think so Tim."

-MD-3736d ago

I like Justin these days. I think he could become a fine actor but I do NOT want him for a 3 stooges movie. He's not right for it.

Crazay3735d ago

It does seem like an odd casting choice doesn't it?

-MD-3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

It is odd. He's too young. I was excited back when it was Del Toro (he better stay put) and Jim Carry but now it seems like they're just reaching out for anybody. Get some guys that are in their 40's and that have a little more experience.

He's not ready for a role like this.

Crazay3734d ago

Del Toro? As who? Moe? That's a shitty casting choice. Del Toro isn't a comedian and the only people who should be in this movie should have the ability to be funny.

JL3735d ago

I actually get a bit of crap about that: I too kinda like Timberlake after watching him in such things as Alpha Dogs, etc.

But he's definitely not right for this role.

Crazay3735d ago

He was pretty damn good in Alpha Dog and he was good in The Social Network and I'll admit he's done a decent job when he's been on SNL but he's not much of a comedian and I just can'
t see him doing slap stick comedy and actually pulling it off.

Sunny_D3735d ago

The 3 stooges are some old geezers who are grumpy about themselves and the world around them. So why would a young guy play them? Try to get actors that match the original characters if they can.

Crazay3735d ago

Johnny Knoxville is I think perfect for Moe, Will Sasso is a good fit for Curly.

-MD-3735d ago

I like the idea of Will Sasso for Curly. I don't want Knoxville anywhere near this.

Crazay3734d ago

Knoxville is a god - How does that picture not scream Moe. He's perfect.

JL3734d ago

lol Not sure I'd call him a god. But slapstick and physical humor is definitely right down his alley. Thus, he would be an excellent choice for this movie.

On a side note, I actually got to hang out with Knoxville a bit before. Of course this was before he was ever really big. I kinda know his cousin Roger Alan Wade.

thebudgetgamer3735d ago

create your damn thing and try to be original.