The Media Stomp: Hall Pass Review

Anthony Stofferahn of Media Stomp wrote "Looking for a funny movie to see this weekend? Look no further. Hall Pass is absolutely hilarious! I have not laughed this hard during a movie in quite some time. When I first saw the trailer for Hall Pass I knew it was going to be a funny movie. Then it got rated R and the red band trailer was released. Once those last two things happened, I was absolutely sold. I had to see this as soon as possible. I was able to get a couple of advanced tickets. Since I had an extra I gave it to one of The Media Stomp's fans. After seeing the film, he said it was hilarious. I'm glad we were able to provide a fan with a pass to see it."

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-MD-3736d ago

"So all in all, if you are looking for an absolutely ridiculous movie that will keep you laughing, I'd say check out Hall Pass. Like I said earlier, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much and so hard during a movie."

^^!! I'm not going to watch the trailer so I don't ruin any of the jokes but I'm relieved to hear that it's actually funny. It has a great cast to aid the leads(Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer?! So so good)

I hope other reviews share this guy's opinion. I had fears this would be a stinker.

cody2oo3736d ago

The movie was just pouring out jokes. probably one every 10 seconds it felt like, for sure a rated R comedy though, there was a 10 year old girl there and i think she got a full sexual education after seeing this. lol

PS. every joke and or event is funny, and its amazing.

-MD-3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I'm comedy starved so this is a relief to me. How much are Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate in the film?

cody2oo3735d ago

They are the wives of the two guys so they are in it a lot, and the movie doesn't just evolve around the guys either. the girls have their moments.

-MD-3735d ago

A lot? Awesome. Thanks for replying.

cody2oo3735d ago

no problem, i loved this movie :)