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'Bad Teacher' Trailer: Cameron Diaz Wants Justin Timberlake For His Money

Cinemablend writes:

Justin Timberlake will be following up on his newfound credibility as a movie star twice this summer, once in the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits opposite Mila Kunis (another actor suddenly taken much more seriously now that she's in an Oscar-nominated film). But first up, on June 24, is Bad Teacher, that stars Timberlake's ex Cameron Diaz as a foulmouthed middle school teacher who suddenly decides to become good at her job in order to save up for a boob job.

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-MD-3529d ago

That's one of the best trailers that I've seen in awhile. Never heard of it until now but this shot up to the top of my most anticipated.

Crazay3529d ago

I'm childish so this is exactly the type of comedy I love.

-MD-3529d ago

Does this humor require being childish? I must be the most childish person in the world if that's the case. I think this looks hilarious.

Sunny_D3529d ago

Humor doesn't have an age requirement. If it's funny, then it's funny. Although, there is a flaw. Kids wouldn't really understand older/sexual jokes until they become older and learn.

Crazay3529d ago

Any time a hot piece like Cameron Diaz says ""eff me in the ass" or "Sit on my face", I giggle and sit feeling shame because if I were called to the blackboard to answer a question, I couldn't. "I'll take a Zero!"