H&T: Megamind Blu-ray Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: Like I do for most Dreamworks released animated films I stayed away from this one upon its initial release because of my fear that it would be filled with non-stop pop culture references and a star studded cast that only added their names to put up on the marquee as opposed to any actual contribution of talent. The first trailers for Megamind did nothing to alleviate that feeling, everything looked by the numbers. Beyond the obviousness of having Will Ferrell doing his usual shtick in voice form and what looked like a fairly unfunny whimsical look at superheros I was struck with a sudden sense of deja vu when watching the trailer. The plot looked like a complete rip off of Joss Whedon's web series Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog with a villain that was in love with a good natured woman who only had eyes for the slick talking and scumbag bashing superhero. I am happy to report that this film is none of that.

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Soldierone3531d ago

Didnt this come out today? I saw it on the release list earlier and reviews are coming out, yet I cant find it anywhere. Ended up watching Monsters instead and that was terrible lol .

-MD-3531d ago

Monsters was pretty bad I agree. Megamind comes out on the 25th.

Soldierone3531d ago

So weird, why is it releasing on a Friday and not Tuesday. it sucked driving everywhere trying to find it lol.

-MD-3531d ago

You went driving around for it? Lol that's funny. Always double check release dates!

Soldierone3530d ago

It wasn't like a "had to have it" thing. It was like "im bored might as well go get it" so i went to Redbox, nope whatever go to blockbuster nope, hmm maybe ill just buy it at bestbuy or something, nope. Haha my GF is like "is it even good" I ended up almost getting Despicable Me again haha

JL3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

I'd probably choose Despicable Me over Megamind. Megamind was a little bit disappointing for me. Of course that's partly because I expected it to be great, and it just turned out being slightly above average. I thought the talent involved could've done better. And the story wasn't anything great. Really turned out to be nothing special.

And yes Soldier, Megamind comes out Friday. Some big releases just do that. The last Twilight movie. The last Harry Potter movie. Not sure why they do that, just know they do.

Also, I wasn't so high on Monsters either. I wouldn't call it terrible, but definitely wasn't my favorite. It was a bit boring. And even at times when it tried to build tension, it didn't really work for me. And that ending? Horrible.

Soldierone3530d ago

Yeah I should of listened to you to begin with lol. I honestly TRIED to like it, i tried to find it interesting, but I couldnt. At one point i was literally thinking "why are they not in the danger zone yet...."

They talk and talk and talk about this danger zone and you would think theyd enter it the very first time the guy says "tough luck, no other choice" but they dont. Then they finally do and its not even that bad? You couldve of divided them up more, have them get in trouble with other things, dont have to have the monsters all the time. and personally if you dont have the budget to do that, then why make it.

-MD-3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I think I gave this a 3/5. It could (and should) have been a lot better than it was. Pretty big disappointment.

Brad Pitt's character is in it for like 3 minutes.

Sunny_D3531d ago

The movie characters face has the same face all characters have in Dreamworks movies. But, hey atleast he isn't an animal, right? -_-

dweavis3531d ago

True, but I thought the design for Megamind himself was very reminiscent of Ming the Merciless, especially with that facial hair. But yeah, thank goodness they weren't animals.

And I may be wrong on this but doesn't Dreamworks regularly have their home video releases on Fridays? Seems like it anyways.

JL3530d ago

I wouldn't say regularly. Megamind and How to Train Your Dragon released on Fridays. But then you have the last Shrek and Monsters vs Aliens that released on the regular Tuesday.