'G.I. Joe 2' Director Search is Ongoing, Stands Apart from 'Rise Of Cobra'

MTV News Says:

Earlier this month, an alleged short list of directors for "G.I. Joe 2" appeared online, listing "The Italian Job" director F. Gary Gray and "Never Say Never" documentarian Jon Chu as the frontrunners for the job.

While further updates on those directors' courtship of the "Joe" brand are currently unavailable, MTV News had the chance to speak with Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner about the developing sequel and he confirmed that numerous directors are currently in consideration.

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Crazay3531d ago

I didn;t think that I;d like the Original but found myself strangely amused and entertained by it. Marissa Miller - HELLLOOO NURSE!

Crazay3531d ago

FML - I typed Marissa not Sienna...I'm so tired.

-MD-3531d ago

I hated the first one. I don't think I even finished the end of it.

Soldierone3531d ago

Im a huge GI Joe fan, was so pumped for the first one, did absolutely everything I could to enjoy it and brag about it. Sadly wasn't entirely so. There were so many issues and it could of been way better.

-MD-3531d ago

The 2 ninjas were the only good part of the movie.

Crazay3531d ago

WHat was your biggest problem with it? I had 0 expectations for the movie and was a HUGE GI Joe kid (I even have the original Black 12" soldier from way back). Pretty sweet eh?

Soldierone3529d ago

The story wasn't great, the acting was terrible, the visuals were complete crap for todays films. It was all around sub par like no one put any effort in anything.

Sunny_D3528d ago

The 1st was decent. I think I only liked the ninja part too. There was nothing memorable about them.