New Sucker Punch Trailer Hits

Comingsoon writes:

Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed this new trailer for director Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch which appears to have been made for the studio's new Trailer Painter feature on the film's official site. We've also received an international poster for the movie which you can check out below the trailer.

Opening in conventional and IMAX theaters on March 25, the anticipated film stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino, Jon Hamm, Oscar Isaac and Scott Glenn.

Sucker Punch is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary.

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-MD-3528d ago

My most anticipated movie in a long time. I absolutely need to see this in theaters.

JL3528d ago

God this movie looks so badass.

-MD-3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I wish I could explain to you through text how much I want to see this.

Also I think I edited it right... >_>

Crazay3528d ago

Very nice - This is something I'd be all over like a fat kid on a smartie and I would let each one of those girls touch me any time....twice.

On a side note, Is Zack Snyder not an effing god among men for his work? I mean my god he takes the comic, strips the pages out and puts real people in them and adds motions. If there's anyone who should be doing the live action Akira it's him.

JL3528d ago

I definitely have plenty I'd rank as better filmmakers/directors (Snyder lacks in the writing department a bit at times). But as far as style goes, yes the guy is absolutely amazing. He's fast becoming one of my favorite around today especially as far as visual style goes.

Akira would be a nice one for him to do. And I'm seriously pissed if, like rumors state, he's not the one doing Xerxes.

-MD-3528d ago

I don't even want Xerxes. I'd rather both him and whoever is signed on to that movie (guy ritchie?) to move onto something else.

Soldierone3528d ago

He is bringing back German Expresionism lol. As long as he knows where to keep the line he will always be great. He just needs to let other people write the movies becuase, like stated, he isnt good at that.

Sunny_D3528d ago

Okay first off. I thought this was a badass trailer.

Secondly, I was surprised by the name; thought Sucker Punch the developers were making a movie. 0_0

Soldierone3528d ago

I actually thought that too when i first heard about it. Then i had no interest in it at all, then i saw the first teaser trailer and have been patiently sitting quitly waiting for it to come out, not letting excitment overwhelm me.

JL3528d ago

lol That's pretty much exactly how it went for me as well. "Sly Cooper movie? Infamous movie? I thought. Then "no, just some silly fantasy movie". Then I heard it's named mentioned more and more. Then (here's what drew me back in) I hear it's a Snyder movie, so I check out the trailer....I'm hooked.

Soldierone3528d ago

I think i should stop....the more i see the more i want to see it so badly. I dont want to ruin anything, i might stop here and not watch another thing till its out.

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